A new era begins

I have had a number of blogs throughout the years but left the blogospehere some time ago. Since I like to travel, visit the gym regularly, is quite an intellectual person, as well as do have a penchant for writing about a lot of different trivial stuff, the overall character of previous blogs has been rather miscellaneous. Probably in a negative way, i.e. bad commercially, since niche-picking is often a helpful ingredient in this regard.

This creation, on the other hand, will be more focused on two rather broad but still very particular things – the fundamental and constituent parts of a whole new universal concept: body and brains.

But what do I mean with this twofold concept? Well, think perhaps of a contemporary, late modern Western version of Yukio Mishima but without right-wing revolutionary inclinations. Or perhaps more simply stated, a Men’s Physique competitor with multiple degrees who can quote the Bible without hesitation.

The thing is that I do not necessarily have to explain and distinguish the specific meaning of this concept not just yet. But reasonsable examples might still be a way to understand and give some context to it, so I will give some more. Of course it exists a lot of very fit and intellectually modest guys. It does also exist a lot of very intellectual and bright persons but with modest or even bad physiques. One can also come to think of quite fit guys with impressive academic merits and intellectual faculties, just as there are Nobel Prize winners who stay in either good, mediocre or bad shape. One may find a plethora of instances and combinations of these two main components and their degree of quality and quantity in real life. There is a huge variation.

However, it probably does not exist that many persons with a top class aesthetic physique, always near ready to set their feet on stage or pose as a professional fitness model, and who have also read Plato, Aristotle, Hobbes and Darwin in depth; who has multiple scholarly diplomas and a physique like a neoclassicist statue picturing Hercules.

But I do inspire to be exactly that kind of exceptional person, and have already taken a series of steps in that direction. And in many of the following years, I intend to become even more pshysically and intellectually consummate.

Hence on this blog, I will first and foremost write about my journey to become a pioneer in this specific twofold field, whether the goals that go hand in and with it are specifically related to academic research, modeling, physique competition, personal training, traveling, entertainment or perhaps something else. In conjunction with that, this set out path will hopefully also be inspirational and a fruitful way to communicate with other people from around the world with similar inclinations.

Per aspera ad astra