What is and what is not

One way to demarcate what this blog is supposed to be about is to assert what it is not intended to treat. It focuses on both physical and intellectual development – which I have already made clear – but that might potentially include a lot of different phenomena and subtopics. So let me state a few things, mostly in terms of negation, that will contribute to make this framework a little bit more narrow and concrete.

Firstly, I will not partake in endless discussions about training and nutritrion. I work as a personal trainer and if people want my expertise they will have to pay for it. Conventional knowledge is out there to find, and a lot of quite skilled persons within the fitness orbit do even share their genuine and valuable tips for free (often as a way to promote themselves). Hence, I will at most only give brief suggestions of what to eat and not to eat, and how to exercise properly, that somehow fit the blog format.

Secondly, I do definitely intend to post pictures – whether they are just put there, often from Google, to make a point, or my own to display some aspect of myself – but not necessarily of the ordinary kind that is widespread in current times. When it comes to aesethetic pictures, I will be reluctant to add more than necessary here. That does also imply few if any selfies at all, as well as zero or close to zero shirtless training photos.

In general I do not want to compete in what I refer to as quantity game – the perpetual hunt for both favorable statistics and new information data to quickly spread through social media channels, which often involves the risk of undermining the quality dimension. Or rather, I want to be in my own division with my own approach to quality and quantity – and both do of course matter. For instance, a blog should be updated often and I will try to do that, but not at the expense of turning oneself into a mediocre epigon and thus betray the outspoken ideals and general principles.

What? You seek something? You wish to multiply yourself tenfold, a hundredfold? You seek followers? Seek zeros!
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Thirdly, I will launch my own unique YouTube channel at a later time but I will probably not partake in and share any kind of training videos, podcasts or similar stuff. It is simply not my orientation, and has already been done a zillion times at this point. A motivational video, with a promotional purpose, might however come into question.

Fourthly, I do not intend to write in my mother tongue Swedish or any other language besides English. This is a global and international phenomenon and if people want to take part of the content they have to understand the universal lingua franca par excellence.

Fiftly – needless to say this blog will have a personal touch since it primarily deals with my development in this twofold area, but it is not a diary and I will certainly not write about private stuff which is inappropriate to share online, especially if it concerns people who are close to me. Online integrity is alpha and omega. With that said, some posts will definitely treat different kinds of actual stuff.

Sixthly, the more intellectual content that will be posted is generally not supposed to be extensive but rather brief. Part of what I do on a regular basis is to write in depth about certain scholarly topics, particularly in regard to the social scientific study of religions and popular culture, and it is not possible or even relevant to compose that kind of material on a blog like this. In this respect, one should rather expect author’s quotes, tips, brief book reviews and inspiring pictures.