Participation at the Nordic Grand Prix in Globen

After a period of some uncertainty regarding this spring’s competition, things have become clearer. First of all, I will not compete at all in any WBFF-related events but focus entirely on the IFBB-linked competition form Men’s Physique (Men’s Physique 경기). There might be some other interesting, and perhaps more artistic, alternatives that emerge in the future, but at the moment it is MP that I do solely aim for competition-wise.

More specifically, I will compete at the Nordic Grand Prix in Globen in Stockholm at May 10, and I represent Team Delta for the second time. I am pleased to be a part of one of Sweden’s most dedicated and experienced competion teams, especially since things are more serious and well-structured than earlier. Fitness is a growing phenomenon and sub-industry and thus a person like me – who has trained for ten years, been a PT since 2007, and considered the idea of competing at some point for a long time – wants to be in a place where things happen. It should also be emphasized that the Nordic Grand Prix is a part of Fitnessgalan, which is one of the biggest fitness and wellness events in Sweden. So there is much more going on than competitions.

Apart from the general support of Team Delta, I have one of Stockholm’s most well-experienced personal trainers, Anders Hellquist, as my specific competition coach, and he will help me with – in particular – training tips and posing practice. I am relatively skilled with regard to nutrition, and training-wise as well, but there are always new things to learn and/or new ways of thinking in these respects. Habits may be good, but sometimes one has to make relevant modifications.

My aim is to make a good result, and I will hence focus more on posing and stage presence, and to be seriously shredded when it really matters. That is, in slightly more than five weeks.

Efter en period av viss oklarhet kommer jag att tävla i Men’s Physique Nordic på Grand Prix i Globen den 10 maj, vilken är IFBB-sanktionerad. Denna tävling är en del av ett större event, Fitnessgalan, som är en av branschens allra största händelser gällande fitness och wellness.

Även denna gång kommer jag att representera Team Delta, och strävar efter att göra avsevärt bättre ifrån mig än tidigare. Mycket fokus ligger på posering och scennärvaro, men också att peaka formen och därmed ha mycket lite underhudsfett kvar. Jag har erfarne Anders Hellquist som tävlingscoach, och han kommer att hjälpa mig med bland annat posering, och vi för även en kontinuerlig dialog om kost och träning. Det kan därmed bli aktuellt att göra smärre modifieringar i träningsprogrammet.