Differences in sex patterns worldwide

Once again, the company DrFelix (UK), has compiled an interesting study, which covers sexual behavior patterns worldwide, and which they have asked me to write about. These are largely linked to cultural and personality differences (and personality differences are partly linked to culture), and cultures are seldom static but evolve over time and space. It is widely known that people have become more liberated, at least after the decline of Christian morality.

Some of the findings show us that people from Scandinavia are more likely to have had at least one one night stand, 2/3 compared to only 44% of the global average. Almost half of the married couples are cheating on each other.

Other interesting findings include that Greeks have more anal sex (closely followed by Italians and Croatians, a phenomenon which has roots that stretch back all the way to Hellenic culture), Indians are less adventurous sex-wise, and English-speakers have more gay experiences.

Regarding sex differences, females are more inclined to fantasize about having sex in romantic environments, whereas men fantasize more about oral sex, having sex with two women, sex in an unusual place, and sex with somebody they know who isn’t their partner. Both sexes masturbate most in the shower. Single men buy more lube and anal sex toys while women buy more vibrators.