List of academic publications

Peer-reviewed articles

(10) 2021: Why has Sweden risen in the IFPI league tables but been surpassed by South Korea? A comparative case study. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 4 (1).

(9) Money or melancholia? Dropout and retention rates in the K-pop industry. Culture and Empathy, 4 (2), 156-180.

(8) 2021: Regional differences in educational achievement among Swedish Grade 9 students. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

(7) 2021: The multifold intertextuality in Lee Chang Dong’s Burning. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 3 (1).

(6) 2021: Parallelization: the fourth leg of cultural globalization theory. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science.

(5) 2021: The Applicability of Big Five and the Dark tetrad on Literary Analysis: A Case Study of Yukio Mishima’s Novel Protagonists. East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 7 (1), forthcoming.

(4) 2020: From Oldboy to Burning: Han in South Korean films. Culture & Psychology, 26 (4), 919-932.

(3) 2020: Cultural amnesia or continuity? Expressions of han in K-pop. East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, 6 (1), 111-123.

(2) 2019: What Makes Estonia and Singapore so Good? Globalisation, Societies and Education, 18 (2), 181-193.

(1) 2019: Achievement in the South Korean Music Industry. International Journal of Music Business Research, 8 (2), 6-26.

Other academic articles (editorially refereed)

2019: Worth narrowing the educational gap between South Korea and Sweden? A comparative analysis of PISA 2015.

Orientaliska studier, 158 (October).

2019: ”Utbildning i det samtida Vietnam: förändringar och framgångsfaktorer” (Educational policies in Contemporary Vietnam: Development and Factors of Achievement). Orientaliska studier, 157 (June).

2015: “Koreansk skönhet som en förlängning av den koreanska vågen” (Korean beauty as an extension of the Korean wave), Orientaliska studier, 142. This study has been covered in Swedish press,

2015: Review (in Swedish) of John Lie’s book K-pop: Popular music, cultural amnesia, and economic innovation, (2014), Orientaliska studier, 141.

2015: “Det nutida Koreas religiösa landskap” (The Religious landscape of contemporary Korea), Orientaliska studier, 141.

2014: “K-popens globala begränsningar” (The Global Limitations of K-pop), Orientaliska studier, 140.

Academic conferences (presenter)

2020: Vienna Music Business Research Days (Vienna was turned into an extensive Zoom meeting), 21 September. I presented a paper on the music industries in South Korea and Sweden.

2019: “Educational Achievement in the Republic of Korea and Sweden: Worth to narrow the gap?”. International conference: 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Kingdom of Sweden and the ROK Department of Asian, Middle Eastern and Turkish Studies at Stockholm University May 23-24, 2019.