How knowledge can lead to attraction

This blog has a twofold main concept: Body and Brains. That is, to develop physically and intellectually as a person. However, as with all concepts, further orientations are often required in order to describe the current ideas in a more complete way.

At this point there are clearly four chief areas or subjects that are continuously treated:


These four main areas are generally not separated but often integrated and interlinked – they go hand in hand and overlap. I will give some examples of how and why, and particularly focus on the importance of knowledge for attraction in this post.

As I have said earlier, women do generally prefer an athletic body. Hence, there is a link between fitness and attraction. I have also emphasized how to travel can lead to more attraction.

However, the links between knowledge and attraction are not as palpable. Earlier studies indicate that there is a weak yet somewhat significant correlation between male intelligence and attractiveness among females. This is not because women are turned on by smart asses in general, but because they judge men in a ‘holisitic’ way and socioeconomic status (SES) and/or level of education is one crucial factor, at least for long-term relationships.

But there are other more concrete and direct ways that knowledge can be beneficial in terms of attraction. Additionally, there are some more indirect and less obvious links that have to be emphasized.

First of all, if one has obtained some sophisticated knowledge on personality psychology, then one can understand that dark triad traits are important in the task of seeking female attraction. I am not saying that one should strive to become an overtly narcissistic and cold asshole, but many guys are just too nice for their own good. In the modern world one must have several options, calculate, express self-love and attitude, and not be too bothered about either one’s own or other people’s feelings. Simply because it is not beneficial. As long as one abide by the law and are not unfaithful to someone that one has an official relationship with, applying a reasonable degree of dark triad traits should be given a green light. As paradoxical or counterintuitive as it may seem, it can actually lead to more love and more good memories in the world. Most people love romances, if only for a single night. It is like an universal appeal.

Further, if one knows about the big five personality factors, then one can understand the importance of finding a balance between different personality traits than can be beneficial – whether direct or indirect – for attraction. For instance, being more extrovert is sometimes important, whether at parties or on a date. Not being too agreeable, if one overall is a quite agreeable person (a significant share of girls and women despise weak males, even if they may not say so publicly), is another important dimension to consider and is related to the dark triad personality traits. Gene-environment interactions are complex but a person can deliberately change one’s personality to a considerable extent and in a more beneficial direction. Instead of simply ‘being yourself’, be a top version of yourself.

Moreover, even if physical attractiveness, social skills and a fun personality are more important dimensions than being intelligent, intelligence and knowledge are sometimes crucial in more educated social settings. If one hangs out with engineers, lawyers and doctors, then all the books of Plato and Hemingway can function as a tool or proxy for cultural capital. Within the context of long-term relationships, verbal intelligence can lead to deeper conversations and a closer connection between two individuals. Especially if one’s partner is relatively well-educated. As icing on the cake, knowledge on fitness-related subjects appear to be appreciated. Girls and women love to get tips on training and nutrition.

In addition, there are some relevant overlaps between knowledge, travel and attraction. If one knows about other cultures, then one can consider other options, whether temporarily or even permanently. I am not talking about losers who go overseas to have sex with prostitutes, but rather refer to men with options who deliberately go to other locations. In this regard the language aspect can also be crucial: it is easier to connect with other people if one speaks at least some degree of the respective native language.

Quod erat demonstrandum.